My Training At Mukhi Driving School

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Are your instructors fully licensed to teach? All our instructors at Mukhi Driving School are fully licensed Driving Instructors approved by the RMS. They are experienced and have knowledge of the local areas. Our Instructors not only prepare you for your practical driving test but place a keen emphasis on safe driving for life! Our aim is to get you to drive with confidence How many lessons do I need? It totally depends on your skills and learning abilities. We show you the safest and the most practical way to learn to drive, but every learner is different. After the first couple of lessons, the instructor will give you their professional opinion as to how many lessons you will need in order to pass your practical test. What if I have some driving experience already? You will not need as many lessons as a beginner. After the initial assessment lesson, the instructor will have a look at what you already know and can do and also point out what you need to learn to be ready for the practical test. Then they will make a recommendation as to how many lessons you need. What if I have a licence in another country? Although you can already drive, to pass the practical test in this country, you need to take driving lessons to get used to the roads here. Also, the standard of driving required to pass your practical test in this country is probably the highest in the world. If you have been driving for a few years, the likelihood is that you have

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