My Training At The Community Counseling Center

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I had so many fears and concerns about starting my practicum last May related to my performance as a future therapist. I was practicing during my previous classes with my colleagues and train myself on the basic and advanced skills, but I felt at that time that was not enough and I am not ready. When I started the training at the Community Counseling Center, I felt that there is huge information and procedures I need to know and practice related to the system, paper work, ethics and law, and therapeutic wise. I was overwhelmed also with my classes, my clients, my hours of the practicum, and my full time job.
There were some questions I could not answer it at that time and some of them are still consider it as a source of fears and anxiety. Some of them like; Am I able to understand the requirements of the practicum and do it in the exact time and in a professional way? Am I able to make a good case load allowing me to do my hours especially that I need 280 hours face to face for the LPCC in the future? Am I qualified to learn and practice the therapy with my client without harming them or being able to help them?
Also, there are some fears about the supervision; like what type of personality my supervisor has? What type of supervision my supervisor has? What therapeutic approach my supervisor has? There was some other fears related to the client like; what type of problems, conflicts, disorder the clients have and I have to deal with it? How about if one of those clients
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