My Transition From High School

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My transition from high school to college was the most difficult adjustment I have ever undergone as an eighteen year old. It was a different experience because I came from a majority Black high school to a predominantly White institution; I was overwhelmed and I felt out of place. I often compared myself to White counterparts; I never felt smart or good enough. Now I know, as Steve Furtick phrases it, that I was comparing my “behind the scene” with everyone else’s “highlight reel,” and that was self-damaging. In addition, I was preoccupied with what my friends from home were doing that I isolated myself from everyone on campus. Mentally I felt defeated, spiritually I felt alone and physically I was gaining weight rapidly and was…show more content…
The group I led with Kim consisted of four female ex-offenders who all had been victims of abuse. Their reasons for incarceration were alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and acts of violence. What was most disturbing to me was meeting the one woman who had been imprisoned for killing her baby. I was a little uneasy because of the pasts of these women. As the newest member of the group, I did not know how they would react to me being there. This session, we focused on short and long-term life goals. The women were very open with me; they discussed a lot about their pasts and their plans for the future. I lead a majority of the group discussion, initiated a few role-play activities, and administered a self-esteem test. I was proud that I could observe, give feedback, and encourage these women. I know that they appreciated my presence, and I felt good about myself. What I appreciate most about working with these women was that they were, positive, open, and honest. The women had an authenticity about them that I admired. Although I do not agree with the crimes that these women committed, this experience increased my own self-awareness. That is, I am able to be objective and non-judgmental regardless of the situation my client is in. I learned that I take the positive characteristics of people and emphasize them so that they may be motivated to use the talents that they most often overlook.—Omit? Working with the women solidified what I had
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