My Transition From The Army National Guard

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This paper will provide an overview of my transition from being an infantryman to my current position as the G1 Sergeant Major (SGM) for the Oregon Army National Guard. The paper is broken down to three time periods in my career. First, the paper will address my career in human resources from my entry in the Army to 9/11. This section will focus primarily on how human resources was perceived in the Army, the lack of technology and the lack of prioritizing the human resources mission. The next section will focus on events throughout my career after 9/11. The main focus of this section will be the changes within human resources while I served as the Senior Human Resources Sergeant for 1249 Engineer Battalion. Lastly, the paper will give a brief overview of my responsibilities as the G1 SGM. Personal Experience Paper:
The business of personnel management has undergone a shift from operational overhead to now being recognized as a valuable and essential Army profession. Human Resources has proven to be a critical force multiplier in prosecuting multiple wars and during transition to a peacetime posture. This paper will highlight my career as Human Resources professional in the Active Duty, traditional National Guard, and Active Guard Reserve. The first example will be my entry in to human resources while an Active Duty Soldier from 1986 to 1990. The next example will be my impact to human resources post 9/11 and the beginning of the biggest cultural shift. Lastly,
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