My Transition to College

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Although this is my second semester in college I think that since taking this transitioning to college it has helped me out a lot more. My first semester I still had a “high school student’s mentality” meaning that I was waiting until the last minute to complete assignments and complete classwork and homework and this almost caused me to flunk one of my classes. This class has been a great help to me this semester. Professor Thorne has made the assignments very understandable; the given assignments have also had a positive effect on my performance academically and some of the assignments were just very useful and it kept you interested. Throughout this semester Professor Thorne has thoroughly explained what she wants us to do with each assignment. It is safe to say that I do in fact understand the course content, expectations, and grading system for this class. Each assignment has specific details on what is expected and they are always accompanied by a rubric which is always useful because it allows us to see exactly what it is we need to do in order to get the highest grade possible. This is great because there is never an issue with the assignments because she explains it very simply. She also seems to sense when we do have an issue with understanding an assignment. It’s a little funny because when the others in this class post a question on the “Ask the instructor” discussion board she already has an announcement posted with specific directions explaining what we need
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