My Tribal Culture : A Special Relationship

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My Tribal Culture A Special Relationship: I met Erin in the first day of kindergarten, and she is still my dearest friend. It’s scary to think about what my life would be like if I hadn’t met her, what kind of friends I would have made. My views on life would have been completely different. While growing up I never had a sense of what was culturally acceptable in social or public situations, but Erin always did. Erin’s moral beliefs shaped by her father have extremely shaped who I am and who I want to become. I remember me and Erin coming home from school one day after we both bombed a test and Blair had said well if you don’t want to try hard and work you guys can just stay in Sydney and become hair dressers. Well that hit us like a…show more content…
He was my first actual boyfriend and we became the best of friends, we spent every moment together doing everything or absolutely nothing but whatever it was we would always have so much fun. Soon he would have to do his travel term through the school. We had talked about it a lot and we knew we loved each other enough that eight weeks would not matter. But as time went on it took its toll more on him than me. I was content in his love and wouldn’t expect him to feel any different. He got back and everything seemed normal, we spent the next few months together and summer break had come and we both went home. He would still call me every night and tell me how much he loved me, once again I was content with the fact we loved each other very much and that distance wouldn’t make a difference. One night he randomly called me and told me he didn’t love me and it was all my fault that I was controlling, jealous and mean. I was so upset, a day before it was me and him against the world and now he hates me, he made me feel like I had destroyed his soul. A week later after the most depressing week of my life he called me and told me the reason why was because he had cheated on me on his travel term. I had completely lost my mind. I was so hurt and hated myself even more at this point. I thought I was undesirable and that my personality was even worse, that I was unlovable. For the rest of the summer I had kept going back to him
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