My Trip At The Airport

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It was a Sunday evening when my parents told us we were going on a trip. My younger brother Charlie and I were so excited since we 've never been out of the country before. We would be gone for only a week so I had to fit in as much as possible, I wanted to see all the history and culture this small country offered. I did all my research on it before we left and I even taught myself common terms. The day we left was a day I will never forget; I remember sitting at the airport shaking my leg like crazy because I was so eager to go. Flying there felt like forever but, the moment I saw the prodigious green mountains, I was astonished. The second I stepped outside the airport, I felt the crisp, cool air hit my skin and suddenly goose bumps…show more content…
After being very indecisive, we knew what to do. We wanted to take the Golden circle. It’s basically a route in South Iceland covering some of the major landmarks. The next day we woke up pretty early so we could accomplish the whole route by the end of the day. The first place we headed for was the geyser in Haukadalur. It didn’t take that long to get there, it was actually very beautiful on the way. It was all open land and mountains. The Geyser was incredible. It was a huge piece of brown land, like mud, with a giant hole in the middle. The hole was filled with water that boiled for about 10 minutes and then erupted through the ground at nearly 40 m high. After we stood there watching it erupt probably 3 times, we decided to go to our next stop: Þingvelli National park. It was one of the most breathtaking places I’d ever seen. There were huge black rock formations with slightly green grass covering certain areas. Small streams ran through the whole thing. We hiked through a lot of it before we went to the Gullfoss Waterfall. It wasn’t like any other waterfall. It was a waterfall on top of another waterfall. It stretched out far and you could see the glistening of a rainbow form on top of it. We walked along the trail beside it getting splashed with water. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I wanted to stay there forever and just stare at this magnificent

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