My Trip At The Beach

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The worst part of any vacation or anticipated trip, in my opinion, is the time spent in the vehicle. This particular year, I do not think I could have possibly been more eager to get my yearly week at the beach started. A long summer of working 6 days a week, sometimes 10 or 12 hours at a time made me long for a week I could kick back in the sand with a cold beverage and watch the waves come and go. As I was packing our car the afternoon before we were supposed to leave, and found a small book that my brother had given me a few weeks prior. I am really not much of a reader, mainly because I have a short attention span and I start to think about other things I could be doing. However, being stuck in a vehicle for ten hours, I decided…show more content…
As I started reading the book, I found myself relating to this hard luck fisherman named Santiago. I could almost visualize an old man sleeping off a hangover in his hammock, thinking if he could only catch that one fish, his life would be different. It was about this time that I realized how into this book I was becoming. Every few minutes my wife would say something to me and I would answer with a generic “Yeah, how about that.” Or “Huh?” After about the fifth time of her trying to have a conversation, she eventually gave up. Normally I mentally check off the states we are traveling through as a sort of way to gage our progression. This time, however, I eventually could not have told you if we were in Maryland or North Carolina. As I continued to be absorbed in this story, I found myself rooting for this old man like he was a family member. I continued to be able to visualize every inch of the story as though I was watching it on a portable DVD player and not reading a book. The only problem was, as I continued to read this story, I could feel the pages in my right hand getting thinner at a rapid pace. Even though it’s a short book (around 130 pages), after I got hooked into the book, I kind of expected it to last me the remainder of the trip. At the same time, my wife decided to stop at a local farmers market to look around and stretch her legs. I found myself genuinely disappointed that I was going to have

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