My Trip At The Hillel House

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1, 3, 4, 5, 7… A throwback to early school days when tasks were as easy as picking the dissimilar integer from the sequence. 4 is the odd one out in this series and on my visit to the Hillel House, I was the number four and I am going to tell you about a special night in my life. Philips Street, University of Massachusetts Amherst is home to Alpha Delta Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon and some other highly stereotyped groups which we know as fraternities and sororities. You know what else is located on Philips Street? The Hillel House, you’re definitely as shocked as I was. For a night where I was prepared to be downright confused, this was a great way to bring about my first look of puzzlement. I had this visit in mind for days and had already created the whole event in my mind. Quite weird how I had already envisioned something I knew so little about right? But some things were for sure in this head of mine, I was never going to be at home there. I did not belong there I guess, it was going to be similar to putting a fish on land and telling it walk. Maybe that’s a bit harsh on me but you get where this is coming from. Mentally I had already stacked the odds against me but my curiosity to learn seemed to be a driving force that was not going to be put down easily. Sometimes it seems like curiosity is a bad thing, people always say “curiosity killed the cat” happily leaving out the end of the saying which is “but satisfaction brought it back”. Was number 4’s visit satisfying? The

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