My Trip From The Airport

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My Trip to California
As we just finished going through the airport security my family and I were walking through Denver International Airport all I could here was the chatter of people and the screeching of wheels on a person 's suitcase. I took a inhale of the smell and all I could smell is the subway we were next to. As I kept walking I was confuzzled on where we were supposed to go, I asked my mom and she told me "We are going to Gate B45". As we got there I was started to get hesitant because it was gonna be my first time on a plane! Then we heard the flight attendant say over the speaker "Now boarding flight to Los Angeles, Gate B45". As we stood up and got in line I was uneasy and eager at the same time. As I went through the
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We left but first we saw EVERY exhibit there!!

The next day was pretty much the same,woke up,took a shower,and ate breakfast at the hotel. This time around we went so Seaworld! When we first got there it was completely empty like barely anyone there, except workers of course. We bought our tickets and went on. The first thing my family and I did was go watch the Seal show. It was actually really funny, we sat in the "Splash Zone" and the seals splashed so much water all over us and it got all of our stuff wet. Next, my brother and I went to the humongous thrill rides, my favorite ride was the "Manta". When we got on I was excited, I could hear the wheels squeaking and then we took off I could feel the wind in my face my hair was waving everywhere and I was having so much fun on the Manta. When we got off I rushed back to line with my brother and said "We 're going on this again, I don 't care what you say!" And he agreed. It was the same experience, fun,fast,chills,and much more. Later that day we met up to watch the dolphin show with my family. We were waiting then all of a sudden we saw a bottlenose dolphin shoot out of the water and I was amazed. I couldn 't believe what all of these dolphins could do! I was still shocked what these Dolphins could do. When we left I took a picture with the magnificent Dolphins of the show. Sea world was on of the best and most amazing experiences of my trip to California.

I woke up to the crying

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