My Trip On The California Health Care Facility Essay

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For my discovery event, I went on a tour of The California Health Care Facility in Stockton. I selected this event because I was very curious to know what it was like to work in a prison setting. My desire for future work settings has been between a nursing facility and prison facility. Before the visit I expected to know how a group was done in lower level prison and the safety precautions implemented. The facility tour was lead by CTRS John Widenmann and Gaganjot Singh. The first thing we toured was there medical mall building where all the prisons went to thee appointments for physical therapy occupational therapy, dentist, diagnostics, x-rays and medical needs. John told us that some inmates walk with out a guard because they have a card to specify where there suppose to be. If they refuse to go to there appointment than force is used too make them. Along the tour he mentioned that the rec therapists sees the inmate five time more in a week than other members of a treatment team. We were able to visit a facilitation room, which had a class for inmates to do artwork. One of the CTRS on staff mentioned that it is hard to have supplies for the art projects. After touring the medical facilities, we walked a long way to the prison area, dorm area and workspace where the recreation therapist ran groups. John showed us their offices that over looked the play yard for some prisoners. This can be good for therapist to observe behaviors and actions of the inmates outside

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