My Trip On The Car

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Fingers laced ten-and-two around the steering wheel, a familiar melody made its way through the speakers. As I drove down the familiar road my mind wandered, yet my tires moved steady on the asphalt. Moments passed, and a cool breeze through the open windows brought me back to reality. However, the reality was not what I was prepared for. My foot felt like lead hitting the brakes, and so did my heart hitting my stomach. My Ford Focus was no match for the white SUV that pulled out in front of me. The man in the vehicle opposite to me seemed paralyzed by fear, because he looked at me but did not move. Almost involuntarily, my hands jerked the steering wheel to the left, causing me to miss his vehicle by a foot. The sound of metal against metal sent a chill through my spine, and the road sign I hit flew across the road. My engine stopped, along with my train of thought, and my whole world felt as if I were trapped in a snow globe that had just been shaken. The overwhelming scent of burning rubber, and the churning under my hood brought me back to the present. Although my car suffered, I knew my split-second decision saved not only my life, but the stranger that couldn’t seem to wait to turn.
My brain could barely process the yelling that filled the air. A small, masculine figure made its way to my open window, “Get out of the car!” His voice steady, but words urgent. Everything spun faster as soon as I planted my feet in the grass. I resembled a zoo animal as people began to

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