My Trip To Bora, French Polynesia

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An Absolutely Perfect Day Imagine that you could wake up tomorrow morning and have an abundant amount of cash deposited into your bank account. You would have all day to do whatever you want with a sufficient amount of cash. What would you do? Where would you go? Most people would buy enormous mansions, elaborate sport cars, and use it on an extravagant leisure. All of that sounds pleasurable, but the absolute perfect day for me would consist of immense shopping trips in preparation for my excursion to Bora Bora, French Polynesia. When I woke up on that extraordinary day, I knew something was going to occur. I received a letter in the mail dealing with my bank deposits. I opened the envelope to read a receipt that I had recently deposited…show more content…
The waters of Bora Bora were a translucent blue, where you can observe all the unique creatures and fish. I was approached by a young, sunkissed, indigenous man from Bora Bora who provided me with a tropical beverage and escorted me to my resort. The island’s resorts sat upon the turquoise waters. Once I reached my room, I changed into my bathing suit and vaulted off my deck into the water. While I was in the water, a handsome young man drifted in a boat alongside of me. He lowered his arm down and conveyed me onto the boat beside him. He guided me to the other side of the island where we swam with dolphins and scuba dived. As the waves were swaying me from side to side, I couldn’t envision a more superior day. I realized that once I woke up this morning, it wasn’t going to be an ordinary day. I had a pleasant feeling that something splendid was going to transpire. My day consisted entirely of my lifelong fantasies. Waking up with an abundant amount of cash waiting to be spent was the start of my most perfect day. I had the opportunity to achieve whatever I desired, and I chose a voyage to Bora Bora. That day was, and with any luck, would be the most perfect day
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