My Trip To Greek Theatre

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One in life only dreams of seeing the world, If given the opportunity to travel no hesitation, I'm on the next flight to Greece. A country in
Southeastern Europe also knows as the cradle of western civilization. Greece
Is not just a history infused country, but also culturally rich place.

I first learned about Greece in my theatre class , Theatre originated in Greece in 534 bc . Its fascinating how a cultural ritual transformed into a well studied form of art . Theatre for the Greeks started through religion. The Greeks held several plays to worship the gods in order to ask them for a favor in return .The Greek culture had many Gods, all served a different purpose. Its fascinating how one place could hold so much importance from history and eventually develop into a worldwide form of entertainment.
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Greece is known to have more arecheological museums compared to any other place in the world. . The inner nerd within me would live in the museums soaking up as much history as possible. It astonishes me how to this day we have statues and artifacts which give us an insight into history.

Being in Greece would be so surreal to me Interacting with people from another place is something I look forward to as well. Getting an understanding on how life on a day to day basis is in such a place as Greece would be very interesting since Greece has been around for so long that it was had practice on basically all type pof government , becoming the birthplace of democracy whats captivating about Greece is how one place can have such a great influence on the rest of the world.

I enjoy learning from other cultures; it gives me the knowledge about how diverse the world is people coming from different places , growing up in different factors . If the world had no distinctive factors the world would be such a simple place
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