My Trip To Las Vegas

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It was March 27, 2016; my family and I were all leaving to go to Las Vegas for Spring break. We finally left at 9:30 am and are plane was leaving around 11:45. We were in the car for about 2 hours to go to Des Moines. My sister and I sat together while Jeff and my mom were sitting behind us on the plane. All I did on the plane was sleep and listen to music.
We finally got to the airport in Las Vegas so we started walking to the taxi lane. A taxi came for us and it was a van taxi. The man helped us with are bags and put them in the back of the van. Jeff (my step dad) asked him how long he's been a taxi person. The man said for about 4 years and how the first time he first came to las vegas they drove from Kansas city to Las Vegas and he said that it took him three days to get there with him and his family. We finally got to our hotel it had these figures on top of the hotel. The hotel was called Harrahs.
We went inside and there was slot machines everywhere. It was a casino inside a hotel combined with food too. The smell of smoke really stung my nose at first until I got used to the smell. My mom went to go check us in at the check in table. It took at least an hour until we got to the table. They said that our hotel room was not ready
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While we were going to are room we went to the elevators and they looked like a king version with a mirror at the top and carpet on the bottom. We finally got to our hotel room. We opened the doors you could automatically see the huge glass windows that showed the strip. Then you see an unfoldable couch with a sink over on the side and refrigerator, there was also another room with two beds and a bathroom hooked to that part of a room. The bathroom had a toilet that was on the right with a privacy door the bathtub that was right when you walk in and the shower was on the right so the bathtub was right in the middle of the two and two
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