My Trip to America- Personal Narrative Essay

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My Trip to America- Personal Narrative Three years ago, in July 2001, I had the opportunity to visit America, the land of freedom. I was thrilled when I overheard my mother talking to my friend’s father; Tom’s father on the phone for me to join my Toms family in their holiday to America. I could not sleep that night. The following morning, my mother informed me of the good news: That I would be going to Florida for two weeks, and that I would accompany my friend’s family. I could not have asked for a better morning in Britain. The sun was shining and so was I. Almost immediately I picked up the phone and rang my Tom’s father to thank him, and for me and Tom to plan our holiday. The next…show more content…
The city was beautiful, a lot better than I ever imagined. I was looking forward to arrive to the hotel and dive in the swimming pool. Everything was so organized and so calm; the palm trees, the hot weather, the tourists and the locals blending together perfectly. This is America! I told myself. Along the high way, green is all to your eyes can reach. Palm trees and grass fields are everywhere. The morning mist was shining on the grass leaves like thousands of small pearls dropped from the clear sky. All I was thinking about was the theme parks, the tennis, where I am and how lucky I actually am. I was just looking at the wonderful views that America had to offer. Arriving at the hotel, the first impression was excellent. The entrance was through two big metal doors along a very tall wall surrounding the huge garden and the hotel buildings. The doors opened, the taxi pulled over the sideway and we carried our suitcases along the path towards the hotel. While walking to the hotel I looked on my left hand side and I saw the massive tennis courts. The place looked so attractive by the first sight. We then walked up the marble built stairs to the reception of the hotel. From that moment all I could think about was the tennis courts and the swimming pool. The receptionist greeted us with a friendly smile and presented us with the keys
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