My Trip to Saint Petersburg Dali Museum

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For our assigned cultural exposure I chose to visit the Saint Petersburg Dali Museum. I drove over on a windy day across the causeway in a Jeep that is less than running well, so by the time I found the museum I was a bit relieved. I had wanted to go to the Museum since moving here in early 2011 but have just never made the time. I lived in southern Spain for several years and one of the few regrets I have from my time there is that I never made it to the museum there. Upon my arrival and paying my admission fee I was informed that there was a guided tour about to begin. I hurried up the stairs and filled in the back of the pack. There are about 30-35 other patrons there as well. The guide starts with a brief history of Dali’s early life growing up in southeastern Spain, the death of his mother and his fathers remarrying of Dali’s aunt (which he commemorated in a painting), to his marring to the Famous Gala. The guide then informed us that it was Gala who helped to manage Dali’s career acting as his agent. Not only was his love for Gala shown in his art but also her tenacity reflected in several of the pieces on display featuring her. Several of the paintings on display this year either in the Morse Family collection or on loan to the museum were discussed on the tour to included a painting Dali did about the age of 15 after his mothers passing and his fathers marring his deceased wife’s sister. The painting was done to commemorate the occasion and even at 15 his skills as

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