My True Self Reflection : Carl Jung, The Famous Swiss Psychologist

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Nearly all of us, at one time or another, has had the realization that we somehow sabotaged our life, career, or relationships. Sadly, it is even common for dreams to remain unrealized despite the passing of years or even decades. We blame lack of willpower, procrastination, negative thinking, laziness, circumstances, and even others. Sometimes we simply accept this as the way life goes. You do not have to accept it and you do not need to beat yourself or others up over it. Allow the voice of your true Self to come through, and you will create a positive change. Your true Self uses thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and intuition as pathways of communication. Beliefs imposed upon us by others, along with suppressed emotions, create interference. Like static on the radio, this interference distorts, edits, and dampens our voice within. Any attempt to create change in the way you think, feel, or perceive without the guidance of your voice within produces what Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist, refers to as exchanging one mask (persona) for another. The following four tools will help you to tune in and hear your inner guidance. SET AN INTENTION Setting an intention is a powerful way to focus your energy on what you desire, provided it has emotion behind it. Think of a time you may have received an apology that lacked sincerity. You probably felt little to no positive effect. The same holds true when stating an intention just for the sake of stating

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