My Tutoring Reflection

Good Essays
When I began this course, I looked up a relevant question that produced over a million results. If you guessed my question as “what makes a good tutor?” you are a sharp shooter. The answers were as numerous as they were diverse. Unsurprisingly, my online search for sole answer ended in no avail. Conversely, my experiences shadowing Abby, Sarah, Daniel, and Rose have left me with two certainties about tutoring; its not enough to be all you can be, you must focus on helping the students be all they can be. Secondly, to help students be the best they can be, tutors should see students not as a universal but as an individual. As writing tutors, each of these skilled WITSs showcased these certainties by tailoring their sessions to suit the needs of each student, remaining empathetic, curious, and above all adaptive in their tutoring. Beginning with my first shadowing alongside Abby Creem, I learned…show more content…
However, unlike Sarah, Daniel assisted two graduate students with their research project and had never held a session with them prior. From Daniel’s session, I observed how to use adaptive tutoring to think on your feet. In this case, Daniel was first challenge was how to balance giving his attention to both students. To do so, he began with a cheerful introduction and followed by asking questions to establish an understanding of each student’s desires. Daniel asked them, “Tell me about your project, what have you done?” and “ what are you looking to get out of this session?” They each responded with the mutual desire to improve the paper’s format, sentence flow, and APA citations. The questions and their responses provided Daniel with a guide on how best to direct the session for the both of them. Smartly, he split up the session time by focusing the first half on Macro issues, like format. While the other half on micro issues, like citations and
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