My Two-Post Test

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The event I attended for my hands-on assignment was a video game test at the UX lab. The testing was roughly 2 hours of playing the game followed by 10 minutes of answering questions for feedback. Since I’m not a heavy gamer or consider myself a gamer at all it was interesting to be in an atmosphere that I’m not use to. Once I was at the computer for the game I realized that I have to try my best and see where it takes me since I’m not use to the controls on the computers or play a lot of games so I don’t know the familiar basic tools of the game. At first when the game started I was very confused and lost on what to do and how to carry out certain task. Although as time progressed I started to get the hang of things at the end of the game I was still clueless on how to carry out certain task. While taking the post test on my thoughts of how the game was, I got introduced to a new term called HUD (heads up display) which is the status bar showing how you are in the game whether its health wise, order, money or armor. The two-post test showed me how much work is put into the user experience of a game and why it’s so important to test a game multiple times for any bugs or…show more content…
Thinking back to the game I recall the purpose of the game stated in the beginning as well as how the weather would change and the location would look spot on. I think since I’m not a heavy gamer I paid more attention to the design aspect and layout of the game rather than the quality and story which could’ve gave them a different viewpoint which isn’t always bad. Although my degree isn’t in gaming this made me think about how my future designs need to have memorable aspects as well as good background music since it makes a big difference in the user experience. The game testing got me interested in creating interactive designs since I think it would be a unique experience to see how people react to my
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