My Typical Mornings

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Mornings are my least favorite part of the day, getting up from hours of sleep, is the hardest part. Now how I go about my typical mornings varies upon where I am at. On the weekends I love to go home to my family in South Sioux City, NE; and on the weekdays, of course, I wake up to the base colored walls and white ceiling that seems to fall on me in my dorm. Throughout my typical mornings I talk to myself, sometimes not realizing that what I think is being said in my head, I turn out to be blabbering out until my roommate or family begins laughing at me. Waking up on the weekdays at my dorm is little to no fun. I usually wake up exhausted or overwhelmed with a number of things I have planned throughout the school day. I hesitantly reach over to my nightstand to grave my iPhone, to which honestly sometimes I am so tired I accidentally turn off the annoying ring from my alarm that just sounds at 8 am like church bells ringing right next to my ears. If I do accidentally turn off my alarm which seems to happen a lot recently, I get woken up my roommate Julieta’s screams in the shower at 8:45 am, telling me to wake up, “Johana you’re going to be late to class wake up!!” Even though those screams don't help my morning headaches at all, they do force me to open my heavy eyelids to the sunlight coming through the blinds. I usually roll over and just fall off my bed, but first making sure I land on the floor, to help me although in pain wake up faster. I finally stand up
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