My Uncle Not Worked For The U.s. Embassy

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Had my uncle not worked for the U.S. Embassy, I would probably not be writing this very essay right now. My uncle was the key in allowing my family to legally immigrate to the United States. The journey before reaching the land of the free included living in refugee camps for years in different countries in order to flee from communists. After making it here despite the adversities my family faced, did they achieve the California Dream? Or is it just a myth? For awhile, I pondered the validity of the California Dream, and through oral interviews with some of my family members – I was able to find my answer.
As an aspiring educator, I believe that education is the key to social mobility, and with this in mind, I asked my relatives a series of questions regarding their schooling experience. I asked them the following questions: what were some hardships you faced during your schooling experience (elementary, middle, high school, college), do you feel like you got the most out of your education, if you could change something about your past education, what would you change, would better schooling have made a difference, and do you feel like you’ve achieved the California Dream? For my reflection, I will focus on the bolded questions, sharing the responses from my relatives along with my analysis. Through listening and interpreting my relatives schooling experiences, I’ve concluded for myself that the California Dream is a myth with many nuances – one of them being education’s…

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