My Understanding Aligns Best With Developmental Models Of Change

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In terms of identifying a personal philosophy of change, I have found that my understanding aligns best with developmental models of change. Developmental models suggest that people move through stages of change as they grow. This understanding of change is especially useful in the supervisory relationship. It is likely that the supervisee has a limited skill set and likely lacks confidence in his/her ability, as he/she has only had limited experience in the beginning stages of change. As he/she progresses through the stages, however, the skill set grows and more confidence is gained, as explained by the developmental models. A large portion of the time, supervisees move through these stages of change with the help of their supervisor. It…show more content…
With the likely already present anxiety related to being a beginning therapist, working through these issues may be more difficult. Therefore, it is important for the supervisor to be mindful of this and provide support to the supervisee as need be. It is also important for the supervisor to remember that the supervisee is likely still developing his/her own professional identity. The supervisee is a new clinician and likely has little confidence and a limited skill set.
Due to this, there is importance in the supervisor being empathic. The supervisor should encourage the supervisee to use problem-solving skills to work through the change. The supervisor should continue to encourage the supervisee to problem solve on his/her own as much as possible to improve his/her skill set. That is, it is important to remember that the supervisee has likely already learned about what to do in difficult situations they will come across, so the supervisor should encourage the supervisee to resolve such issues on their own as much as they can. Then, the supervisor should work to normalize and validate the supervisee’s experience. It is the supervisor’s job to know what stage the supervisee is in, help him/her move through the stages by providing feedback that is in line with his/her current developmental level, and subsequently assist the supervisee in his/her own progression to the next stage so the
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