My Understanding Of ' Ozymandias '

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My understanding of “Ozymandias” British people tap has a long origin, achievement of high lyric tradition, which reached a higher peak in the early nineteenth century, Shelley has made an outstanding contribution to this. In all his poems, filled with strong lyrical atmosphere. Lyric poetry is the biggest characteristic of Shelley 's poetry. Shelley 's lyric not write pastoral poetry, but with the world GuNanGan and ideal for the future, not light, but has the ideal weight. His short poems with more refined and moving way the feature. Shelley thought lofty social ideal and concept of beauty is organically linked. Poetry can make people the most noble feelings. A poet should be form the prophet of destruction all slaves. Shelley 's view of poetry creation, which indicates that he is the most progressive era of aesthetic expression of an idea. He put the social function of poetry and the spirit of the people education and emotional education and ideological system is closely linked. Would like to take education to influence people as a without any citizen of a free society of oppression and tyranny. He thought the revolution of the world does not deny art of fantasy and imagination. A revolutionary poet should not only starting from the existing things, but also should start from the future.
Shelley 's "the seaman idea," (A Stylistic Interpretation of Ozymandias) British history of tap has A long origin, achievement of high lyric tradition, which reached A higher peak…
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