My Understanding Of Personality Theory

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To demonstrate my understanding of personality theory, I choose to create a personality profile for a close friend. She is a very driven individual with some unique interests. I wanted to evaluate her personality because she is a very close friend of mine and I know her vary well. I chose Allport’s trait theory because he uses 3 types of traits to describe people. I liked the way he organized traits in to types of traits. I think its easier to understand his theory because of the organization. I organized my friend’s traits in to 3 categories: central, secondary, and cardinal. Allport’s theory focuses on individual differences. His theory suggest that “ individuals differ in the traits that predominate in there personalities. some traits are common; others are unique”(Cloninger 2013 page 128). He goes on to explain that some traits are individual or unique while others are common. Central traits can affect everyday behaviors. these are traits that your close friends or family would be able to point out if asked. Examples of my friends central traits would be: optimistic, out-spoken, individualistic, and extroverted. I use these terms to describe her because I have noticed them consistently. Over time and various situations, I have seen her behavior follow these traits. My friend is on the executive board of an RSO. She enjoys talking to can spending time with the other members of her RSO. She also likes talking to new and potential members about her experiences. This,…
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