My Understanding Of The Social Work

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My understanding of the social work profession is that it is a helping profession. To me social workers help others in a variety of situations. Social workers help find and connect people with resources for food, rent, insurance, medical care. Social workers also do work fighting for social justice on the Micro, Mezzo and Macro aspect, working for individuals and family to making laws to help underserved populations. Social workers also provide education to clients for lots of reasons. Some social workers became licensed and help people with counseling that may be needed for things such as PTSD or anxiety.
When I first started into the Social work field was because of my son, Evan, who has a medical diagnose of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. In the past 11 year of his life, I have worked with many professional from teachers to councilors but it was not until my family and I moved to Colorado, that we meet a School social worker that was very helpful in navigating the school system with a child with special needs. I started the social work program at Pikes Peak Community Collage because I wanted to work in the school systems and help children and their parents navigate the public school system insuring that the child is receiving all support and services guaranteed by the Americans with Disability Act. I did not want another family to not have access to life changing resources just because they were never informed of them.
After staring my journey, my passion and
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