My Understanding Of Theology, Faith, And Religion Essay

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Before I took this course, I thought that I would be learning all of the things that I had learned when I went to Sunday School. I was wrong. I learned so much more than that. I learned how to question ideas in our society, what it is to be human, why we have evil in this world, and most of all, I learned how to think for myself outside of the Church. In the beginning of the semester, my understanding of theology, faith, and religion together were words that are interchangeable with one another. I understood what faith was and that it is a belief and trust in God. Later, I found that religion is much different than a total trust and belief in God. I found out in the beginning of the semester that many people around the world have faith in God, but do not necessarily belong to an institution with rules and practices. Throughout the semester, Elie Wiesel, Jane Goodall, and Pope Francis challenged me to look at the world differently through a theological lens. However, I quickly realized that theology is much more than those things. It is the study of human beings and our relationships with God. It is the study of what makes us human. Theology asks questions such as, what is our purpose as humans and tries to answer that question through a faith-filled lens. The theologian that challenged my ideas of what makes us human is Jane Goodall. She talks about how written language, ability to teach our history, and our ability to communicate our feelings of awe are among other traits
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