My Vacation At The Restaurant

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It was like any other Saturday night. After a long stressful week, my boyfriend, Erik, and I decided to unwind by having a romantic dinner in downtown Harrisonburg. The weather was beautiful that night, so we decided to take advantage of it. We were hoping to find a restaurant in the area that offered a great outdoor dining experience. We settled on Capital Ale House, a restaurant highly recommended for its extensive menu and beer selection. When we arrived at the restaurant, the hostess immediately greeted us at the door. Without batting an eye, she grabbed two menus and escorted us upstairs to an outdoor table. “Your server will be right with you,” our hostess said as she placed the menus down on the table in front of us. We had only a…show more content…
While I was in the ladies room, my boyfriend took the liberty of communicating both of our orders to the server. When our entrées arrived at the table, there was a great deal of confusion. The server instinctively placed the salad entrée in front of me, regardless of the fact that my boyfriend was the one who order it. My boyfriend shrugged nonchalantly, grabbed the plate of salad and switched the plates to our liking. As we approached the end of dinner, I waved the server over to the table to signify that we were ready for the check. The server walked over and placed the bill directly in front of my boyfriend. Regrettably, the server was not aware that I had promised to take my boyfriend out to dinner to celebrate his recent promotion at work. I looked up to see my boyfriend’s reaction to the placement of the check. His eyebrows remained raised staring at me, like he already knew what I was thinking. He continued to roll his eyes and tilt his head subtly in my direction. As I reach my hand out across the table to grab the check, it was at that moment I knew he felt completely emasculated. Without sounding cliché, every man wants to feel like a “real man.” A man who does not pick up the tab for dinner feels like less of a man because society tells him real men are expected to provide for women and never complain about it. Real men
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