My Vacation Experience

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It was 1:30 in the afternoon, and my 2nd grade class had just returned from lunch when the phone began to ring. My teacher informed me that it was time to return home, where I would prepare and pack for my vacation to China. This would be my first international flight, and I was unable to contain my excitement.
In the year 2010, my father and I visited our relatives in Beijing, China. My ingenuous 7-year-old self had no idea what awaited me in this foreign country. Before boarding the aircraft at Dulles International Airport, the intercom warned passengers flying to China of dangerous levels of pollution in certain areas, and that we were advised to wear masks to avoid breathing in harmful chemicals.
As I stepped out of Beijing Capital International Airport, I felt the cold, polluted air blow against my face. I did not have a good first impression, as the air was extremely dirty and the streets were filthy. Unsurprisingly, our hotel was surrounded with trash and beggars. Gradually, I became accustomed to my sojourning conditions in the heart of Beijing.
On our 3rd night, my relatives invited us to a luxurious restaurant in downtown Beijing. Upon arrival, two people opened the doors of the car for me. As I stepped out, I marveled at the entrance of the restaurant, it was shaped like the gate of the emperor’s palace. However, I caught a glance at the back: it was a dark, back alley. Despite that, we ate a lavish dinner, my cousins ordered me a delicious serving of pecan

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