My Valentine's Day

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I recall counting down to the days to February 14th - spilling my overwhelming enthusiasm to celebrate the love I had for the love of my life then. As much as I hate to sound annoyingly materialistic, I secretly kept a little desire that a date on Valentine's Day would be more special than usual. At the very least just to stray away from our typical pizza bar and for me to have the perfect reason to ditch the Aeropostale basic tank top and put on a cute little dress. I honestly do not need him to take me to an exclusive restaurant where the waiter eventually shows up with a bill worth half of a thousand each time we go out for dinner. Maybe somewhere more meaningful or romantic for a change. Some place significant that we will remember where we open a part of ourselves. Discussing on our amazing moments in life and our relentless insecurities over the years. Our endless hopes and dreams.

Moving along, as I wrap myself in my blanket releasing all my thoughts in this post, I realised that my feelings for Valentine's Day had ceased to exist. I am contented just to witness so much joy in front of my eyes, as my best friends received gestures of love and appreciation from their special ones. To be able to share the moment with Sonya as she pulled open the locker door just to find pieces of hearts nicely decorated around a stalk of rose and a note. To be able to find pictures full of smiles on Melissa's face…

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