My Values Changed Over Time

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I am going to talk about my values today. My values have changed over time. Beginning at a young age I tended to go away from the Christian values that I was taught by my grandparents and parents. Early on in my life, I turned away from the hard working values that was passed down by them. I was not taught to communicate my feelings when I was younger. I turned to drugs so I did not have to deal with feelings. I did not want to feel anything, so I used drugs and alcohol to escape reality.
Early on in my life, I did not teach my son very good values. When my son was born, I gave him to my parents because I wanted to use drugs and alcohol. Early on, the culture I was showing my son was giving up on responsibilities and breaking the rules of the land to get ahead in life. I was teaching him to not care about anyone but himself. I was teaching my son that it is okay to not have ambitions or goals in life. I would like to use Parks Model of Spiritual Identify to identify which development model I can relate to the most at this point in my life. Like I explained in my first paper my family raised me in a Pentecost and Southern Baptist church. This model has four stages the first stage is adolescence/conventional, young adult, tested adult, and mature adult. I was taught that was the only religion that was right and Jesus Christ was the one and true savor of mankind.
When I was younger I was made to go to church every Sunday and Wednesday. There was no reason I could stay home.…
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