My Values Visual Depiction

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For my Values Visual depiction, I took Polaroid pictures of items/people that I felt represented my values, which are family, friendship, and knowledge. After the Polaroids developed, I tacked them to a board in sections of varying sizes.
Family is the largest section on the board, and contains the most Polaroids, because family is what I value the most. Growing up in a close-knit family, I realized at a young age that the relationships I have with my parents, grandparents, and siblings are the relationships that I should hold closest. My family has been, and will always be, there for me no matter what and they are truly some of the most inspiring people I have ever met. To represent the value of family, I took photos of my family members,
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I have always seen the importance of knowledge, as I strongly believe that knowledge and growth go hand in hand. This value has been developed through school, my own desire to learn, and experiences I have had in and out of the classroom. I have chosen to represent knowledge through pictures of items that come to mind when I think of academic and personal growth, along with items frequently associated with learning.
I think that the two main values that are expressed within Stand Up That Mountain are conservation and perseverance. The people involved in the Putnam Mine Case, such as Jay Leutze and , are interested in protecting nature and show deep concern with the negative impact that humans can have on the planet. Leutze, Ashley, and Ollie all go to great lengths in order to protect the environment that they live in, and continue to persevere no matter how difficult things get.
Leutze’s value of conservation can be seen through his admiration for the Appalachian Trail, and his desire to protect the areas surrounding it for future generations. The value of conservation goes past the desire to conserve nature in this book, though. The Cox-Cook clan, and other families whose lives would be negatively affected by the Putnam mine, seek to conserve their way of
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Leutze, the Cox-Cook clan, and those who helped them along their journey, continue their fight whether or not the odds are in their favor. Even when they are sick, Ashley and Ollie continue to focus on protecting their land, and surrounding areas, from the Putnam mine. Mr. Leutze also goes to great lengths to fight for what he believes in, pushing his personal life to the side and dedicating hours upon hours to the Putnam Mine case.
My values differ quite a lot from those expressed by the people in Stand Up That Mountain While I place value on the relationships I have with family and friends, they are more concerned with protect the environment and conserving their way of life. I feel like, even though our values are very different, our willingness to fight for what we hold close is the same. Mr. Leutze, and the people of Dog Town, pushed through multiple struggles and fought tirelessly to defend their values.
Since orientation, and after much consideration, I have decided that I wish to be known as a kind and generous person. To achieve this goal, I hope to take advantage of volunteering and fundraising opportunities on campus. I would also like to get involved with tutoring programs, and am interested in taking on a leadership role when an
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