My Values vs the Values of Bilbo Baggins Essay

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In the Hobbit there are fourteen main characters as well as many other characters that help along the way. The characters are Gandalf the Wizard, Mr. Bilbo Baggins, Throrin Oakensheild, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Fili, Kili, Bombur, Bifur, Bofur, Dwalin, and Balin. Gandalf is a wizard that helps the dwarves in their various journeys. He knows more than he reveals to the dwarves and everyone else and he knows that the hobbit can help the dwarves in their quest. That hobbit is Mr. Bilbo Baggins.
Bilbo lives a quiet and comfortable life in his hobbit hole in Bag end and he almost never leaves home. But the wizard knows that there is more to Bilbo that meets the eye and he has certain powers that can help the dwarves in their journey to
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Along the way they encounter great dangers and various characters such as wood-elves, goblins, mystical creatures, trolls, humans, etc. And they have to fight their way through the many conflicts that they come upon. And Bilbo must find a way to help them overcome the complications that they face in their quest. The hobbit uses his common sense and his magical ring to get the gang out of sticky situations. But as well as the disputes that they endure, they also gained many friends and aid throughout their journeys through the forests. And with the help of their friends they were able to make it through the entire journey. Each character had their own special value that was important to them. Bilbo valued his hobbit hole, privacy, and space the most. He loved his hobbit hole more than anything else. Gandalf the wizard valued his powers and motives and he kept them hidden unless they were needed the most. Thorin Oakenshield valued his inheritance, his culture, and his power and he fought very hard to get it all back. He also valued serving people who helped him. Like Thorin the other Dwarves also valued serving people that helped them but they all had their own particular values as well. Bombur valued food and sleep while Fili and Kili valued their being young and active. But of all the values of all the dwarves, they all valued their long

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