My Very Good Friend From High School, Maeleigh, And Her Recent Girlfriend

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I interviewed my very good friend from high school, Maeleigh, and her recent girlfriend, Anna. Maeleigh and Anna have completely different “coming out” stories at this point in their lives. Growing up with Maeleigh, I was able to see how her life was affected by being gay. I know more about her lifestyle and story than most would and it was difficult for her to figure herself out. Mae was very confused and distraught as she got older and she started to realize she was not the so called “normal” little girl. She had to learn to except herself before she could tell anyone or most importantly come out to her parents. As for Anna, I have no personal ties to her. Maeleigh met Anna this year at school; they both attend Manchester University and play on the softball team. They eventually got together and developed a relationship. Everything between the two is new and they are learning more about each others stories and how they dealt with coming out. Coming out is one of the most difficult aspects of being a lesbian. They have spent an extreme amount of time playing out in their minds how to tell this news to their parents. The scariest part, both have said, would have to be the thought of being rejected by their families. Maeleigh had known she was different from everyone since she was in 5th grade. She began to find herself having crushes on girls rather than boys. She said in 5th grade she was terrified, not knowing why she felt this way. Not knowing the reasons why she felt

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