My Vietnamese Family Essay

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An unknown author once said, "Families are like fudge—mostly sweet with a few nuts. My family is the most important aspect to my life. No matter how much they sometimes pester or annoy me I still love them. I do not think people can live through life without the support of family. My family mostly supports me throughout all my actions, and they make me laugh. I do not really think I resemble either my mom or dad. They both had very difficult lives growing up, and I do not think I will ever experience that. Before there was me, there were my parents whose struggle against communism led them to the United States to find the life they deserved. Growing up my parents both lived in the poor country of Vietnam. My mom lived in the…show more content…
My mom, however, disguised herself as a news reporter and sneaked aboard a ship. My dad had another chance, and he finally escaped on a row boat. Soon both my parents ended up in California. They met and got married together. My parents made the choice to escape Vietnam not only because of Communist rule but due to the fact that there are not a lot of opportunities in Vietnam. They wanted to live somewhere else that would give them a good job to support themselves. America stood as a symbol of liberty, justice, and protection to many people who were unsatisfied in their homelands. However, history shows that immigrants often have a tough time finding jobs and settling down. After staying in California for a couple of years, my parents began to seek a different place to live. They moved around quite a lot and ended up in Indiana. Today, they are both nail technicians and almost perfectly happy. I think they feel that the choice they made almost several decades ago proved to be the right choice. I own my childhood to my parents. I did not have to grow up in a country that was Communist and restricted rights. I did not have to feel the experience of growing up and wasting my potential. I got to grow up in America and feel the joy of freedom and the rights to become the best I can be and not be told by people that I can not. I was not restricted unlike my parents. I sometimes feel really bad for my parents
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