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My view is that Marcus Garvey represented and fought for the rights of the black community during the Negro revolution. He stressed for the social improvement and economic empowerment of the black community in the United States. Having been born in Jamaica during the Negro movement, Garvey experienced some of the challenges that the blacks faced at the hands of their masters. His parents were slaves of the European masters who had large plantations. These Europeans bought slaves from the slave traders to take care of their land and provide cheap labor. According to his own analysis, the blacks were their own worst enemies as they were unable to handle their unity. This meant that they could trust a white or elect a white representative to…show more content…
This would mean that they would elect and support one of their own to represent them in the Congress and elective seats. At the same time, the issues to be discussed by these leaders would in one way or the other be connected to the challenges that they face as a black population. It is always an easy thing for an African leader to talk about issues affecting his or her community just as a white leader would be concerned with issues and challenges faced by the white population. Before the formation of this association, the blacks used to elect the whites to represent them as leaders in various seats. Through his “appeal to the conscience of the black race to see it” article, Garvey outlines that the evil that has derailed development and growth of the community is internal division. In this article, Marcus Garvey asserts that “It seems that the whole world of sentiment is against the Negroes, and the difficulty of our generation is to extricate ourselves from the prejudice that hides itself beneath, as well as above, the action of an international environment (Garvey).” By first realizing and dealing with the internal challenges, Africans would appreciate their leaders and move on. The Negro movement also contributed to self-reliance and change in perception against the Africans. In most cases, the prejudice that is prevalent against the race limited their success in areas such as politics, business, and education. The Negro movement was looking for better life

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