My View Of Human Morality Essay

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My view of human morality is that it is influenced by individual culture and experience. Because I believe that as human beings, we all have our own values, beliefs and attitudes that we develop throughout the course of our lives and contribute to our own sense of reality of ourselves and the society. Regardless of what will influence and mold us throughout our lives, we have the rationality inclined to know between what is right and wrong so that we will do good as we want others to do so. We are exposed to cultural values from many sources: family, peers, education, authorities, and religion. Because we spend most of our formative years with family, the values of the family whether good or bad, are a powerful influence. These are a reflection of an individual character and culture. We are born into a world of values that have existed throughout humanity 's history. We absorb these values as children while we navigate our social environment, processing and reevaluating them throughout our adult lives. Every individual understands that life is important hence he or she needs moral values, which act as guiding principles. Our values form the foundation of our lives. They dictate the choices we make and determine the direction that our life takes. Our values will influence our decisions related to our relationships, career, and other activities we engage in. The world we lived is complicated that there exist no universal morality and absolute freedom and since our morals are
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