My View Of Life After Death

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Growing up with a very devout, spiritual parent, I was taught from very early on that God was all knowing. I was also taught that humans have the freedom to make their own choices about their lives and that is what determines whether one will ascend to Heaven or descend into Hell. Whether someone choses to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior is what will determine your life after death. I accepted this as truth for a very long time, as I had no exposure to different views. I would argue with my LDS peers on the meaning of Heaven and Hell and their nonbelief, and I would trust everything I was taught without much question. In college, things changed. I still believe in God, but differently. I have struggled with my own beliefs for a while now, because everything I have known is being, or has been challenged by discussions in my classes. I cannot imagine a life without my relationship with God, but I also have a lot of questions, that my mother would balk at. In this paper I aim to answer these questions, after critically explaining and analyzing Augustine’s views on free will. The main focus of the paper will be my own beliefs and my own conclusions, and thoughts on how humans can be both predetermined and have free will. I aim to show my understanding on Augustine and also provide a clear and concise explanation of how and why I believe the way I do. The God of the Christian bible is said to be omniscient, or all knowing, and if one is taught this from a young age,
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