My View Of My Dream House

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Generally, I revere everything in life, it illustrates a clear explanation of whom I want to become in the future. The grade 10 students were introduced to the myp personal project and with this in mind, I had many vital ideas executed but confused to choose a product that contributes to my interests. I love learning and discovering new things. After many cups of coffee, I obtained an idea or goal to create a three-dimensional foam architectural model of my dream house. My family built our own house in India last year and on viewing the stages of building a house became one of my interest. I always wondered how the workers/builders managed to get the house in perfect shape as the engineer contemplated. For instance, how can a bunch…show more content…
His creation inspired many others’ in the architectural field and has become one of the seven wonders of the world. My product should impress others and induce them in creating their own dream house model. I have chosen to focus on the global context of orientation in space and time. My areas of exploration will be on “Homes and Journey”. My project specifically deals with the design and construction of a house in this modern world. I intend to focus on the engineer and construction workers collaboration towards the completion of a perfect house. In this case, I will be both the engineer and construction worker as I am going to design my floor plan and transform it into a three-dimensional figure. Based on my global context my question of inquiry is “Why humans should know how to manipulate architectural designs and common construction procedure”. To start out with this personal project I have decided to conquer this quote for my success in this model, “If you focus on design, you can call yourself a designer. If you focus on the implementation of your design, you can call yourself an architect”.(Cameron Sinclair, Architecture for Humanity) Before I begin my construction work, I need to know basic steps of an architectural - model building. So I Came up with some research questions that would help me throughout this project. What I needed to research: What - Basic
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