My View Of My Self

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I have a detailed past and an exciting future ahead, but as of now I am still figuring out who I am as a person. My view of my self may be slightly skewed compared to what others see. I can get a general sense of which I am today by using the characteristic assessments previously taken, and how others view me. Using these two resources I find myself, in this part of my life, to be Achievement oriented, introverted, and empathetic. In both the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory and the Values assessment my top characteristic is being achievement oriented. I agree with this assessment of my self strongly. Within the last few years especially I have found my self more motivated to achieve than before. Currently I try to go above and beyond to make things perfect. My more artistic side obsesses over details and the academic focused side of me pushes me to my limits to get good grades and understand concepts. Although my perfectionism, driven by my need to achieve can hinder some aspects of my life, such as fostering my lack of sleep or provoking unnecessary anxiety, I am thankful that I currently have such a strong desire to be successful. I am often stretched too thin and always trying to do more than I can handle. Some may say that this leads to a bad job done in each task, but for me staying busy and always having something to do fuels me to accomplish everything to the best of my ability. My time is currently far more occupied with activities compared to some of…

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