My View Of The Digital World

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Imagine that it 's 10 years from now, global warming has continued and the glaciers have melted and two whole new livable continents have been discovered. Further the big data revolution has progressed and there have been changes in way people socialize, work and shop etc. My view of the way the digital continent would be developed would be: 1. Smart houses will have Intelligent agents that will dim lights, open and close the windows, water your plants and feed pets. Biometric sensors will recognize you as you enter your home. When you get home from work, the house is warm, the kettle is on and an alarm reminds you to mow the lawn. It can even take instructions from your mobile phone, connect to your car and has a programmable thermostat. Technology revolutionizing care for the elderly, people with physical and mental disabilities by allowing them to look after themselves to help them get up, prepare food, make hands-free phone calls and remind them to take their medication. Smart houses will have facial recognition software which works out who is coming through the door and adjusts setting to their preferences – whether it is food choices or bathwater temperature. It provides assistance for cognitive or physical limitations. Individuals with dementia might start to cook, and then wander off and the stove is still on. With this automated control the home can sense when this is a health hazard and turn it off. Homes could also be designed to regulate energy use by running
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