My View Of The Wilderness

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The biggest challenge for this sermon in class was combining Andrew’s sermon with my own. After I told him my wilderness plan we decided we would both focus on the wilderness. He would cover the literal wilderness that included nature and I would cover the meaning of the wilderness as it was used in the Bible. In general, my view of the wilderness was as a negative thing while his view of the wilderness has more possibility to be a positive thing. With this being a good format to craft our own sermons from, weaving them together was the hard part. We wanted it to be a true dialogue and not just split Tom Long’s methodology into parts. We each desired to discuss the text and the real world as we spoke instead of assigning the biblical work to one person and the real work examples to the other. This created more work on our own parts but I would say that it was worth the effort. We found natural places where Andrew’s points and my own could be intersected to balance each other out. Quite often we were able to enlighten the other’s point of view and provide a way for our audience to fully hear the good and the bad about the wilderness. We also noticed that we preach with different tones and wondered how that would work with our audience. We thought about consciously matching energy levels but we recalled the value of being true to yourself as you preach and decided to preach as we normally would individually and hope that our styles blended together nicely. In the
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