My View On Plato 's Ideal World

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While reading throughout the course, I found generally many attention-grabbing on philosophe Plato, so far. My attention on Plato is because Plato was one of the histories famous deeply interesting in education as a student and supporter of Socrates. His literatures were a memorial of dialogues he had with Socrates. He was a dreamer who believes the world was imperfect and recommended ways in which society can have a better-quality by creating a fantasy state of a perfect society whereby social setups would be perfect with no private ownership of property, a society with no gender role, and no family. Without these issues, there wouldn’t be anything to argue about such as; this is mine or that is not mind. He saw human selfishness as the main issue troublemaking to our society. His main reasons for these ideas were to emphasize on social unity which will ride through a perfect society. In my opinion, I do think that’s was a good concepts, I will always want to live in Plato’s ideal world, because I have never heard of any society that was able to adopt his views on this kind of an ideal society.
He, also believed in society where there is gender equality, a society were Women should have equal education as men. I do agree on his opinions on gender equality. Intellectually, for there are places in our society today the men still believe a girl does not have the right to go to school, they offer their girl at a younger age for marriage. For example, some places in India, Arab,…

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