My View On The Existence Of God

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It was the night before the last day of our Faith & Reason class and I had previously been tasked with finding a specific topic to argue for. I decided to cover the idea of my own faith and how it copes with the multiple viewpoints varying from atheists, theists, and the Bible as well as the opinions on reason and the very existence of God. Within this paper, I will explain why my faith is eternal and no matter how much evidence there is against the existence of God, my conviction that there is a supreme being who oversees all that goes on in this world, will continue to avail. The first reading that really drew my attention was Flew’s example of the gardener and the believer’s stance that the gardener existed. This triggered my thoughts to relate that case to my own faith and how I am able to retain my belief that God exists, against the deposition that he does not. No matter how many tests the Sceptic requested to prove that there was a gardener, the Believer maintained his faith until his belief that there was a gardener was basically useless. Flew eventually got to the point where he described the Sceptic asking, “Just how does what you call an invisible, intangible, eternally elusive gardener differ from an imaginary gardener or even from no gardener at all?” (Flew, 298) I relate Flew’s example to my own case of how an atheist could possibly ask me how God exists if he is not ever seen and there is no real proof that he exists. That idea would lead to my faith
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