My View On The World Forever

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Have you ever experienced a time in your life that changed your outlook on the world forever? I have. I was an easy going person. I trusted and loved easily. I did not see any bad in the world. This was the case until my dad and I got robbed in broad daylight. My whole belief system was shattered. This was the time for a new outlook. A new pair of eyes to see the world. A new beginning.
Saturday, May 28, started out as an ordinary day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the water was glistening. That day, my dad and I were working at our gas station next to Tim 's Ford Lake. We opened the store after it had been closed by previous owners. It took a lot of hard work to attract customers, build inventory, and make money. After nearly three years, all of our hard work had paid off. Everything was going great. The business was doing well, school was good, college was a possibility now, and we had no worries. Unfortunately, life throws a curveball when someone least expects it. It was now 4:30p.m. The delivery truck had just left, and I began organizing the merchandise. It was a Saturday, which meant no school and more people at the lake. We were swamped by customers inside and at the drive-thru. At around 4:50p.m., we had a small break in the flow of customers. The grocery was now organized, and we both began to relax. I glanced through the drive-thru window and saw that the sun was now setting and the boats were at a stand still on the water. This break was…
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