My View on Forgiveness

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I had never given the word forgiveness a thought; in fact I cared less about its true meaning until the morning of 1 July 2010. On the evening of 31st June 2010 I received a call from my supervisor asking me to report to work at a different site the following day, one that was an hour's drive towards Washington DC from where I lived in Baltimore County. It was barely a month since I was employed as a full time electrician at the firm. This was a surprise as it was unexpected; I had been working at the Timonium site north of Baltimore for some time as a part time employee and never thought I would be relocated to a different site since the project I was involved with was still underway. In the morning, I woke up quite early and got ready for the drive to my new work site, I was sure 95 heading south would be a mess with traffic; I therefore resorted to using 295 that runs parallel to it. While driving to work, many issues ran through my mind, mostly related to work and in the process I was lost in a world of deep thought. I suddenly heard the sound of a police siren coming from the rear and it did not take half a minute to notice the lights flickering from my driving mirror. I slowed down pulled over to the shoulder and waited. In no time I heard a voice asking me for my driver's license and car registration, I leaned over to the co-driver's seat, reaching out to the glove compartment for the 2 items. At this time I realized that the voice of the police who stopped me was a
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