My Views On America Moving Toward A Sustainable Society

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1. Given all we’ve discussed about the ecologic condition of the planet now and if current consumption patterns continue tell me your views on whether you think Americans as a whole are moving toward a sustainable society. If not what are your views on one or two changes to these patterns that could improve potential for achieving a sustainable society.
My views on America moving toward a sustainable society, looking at our current pattern could be highly achievable. Our generation is becoming aware that if we continue our patterns of life such as pollution, waste, land space etc. We are going keep destroying our planet as we are starting to see with for example “climate change”. The first step into change is acknowledgement and
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Another element is transportation such as pedestrian, bikes, and cars accommodations. Design and architectural features is also an important element that is visually interesting, this element as well as encouraging human contact and social activities, which are public spaces. These elements work together to provide a sustainable living.
3. In order for the federal government to dedicate financial resources there needs to be the authority to do so in place – what 3 authorities allow federal government to expend funds in a local area for emergency or regular operations?
The three establishments in order for federal government to dedicate financial resources are as followed. A president order, law to give authority to act and ask for ask, these three forms allow the federal government authority.

4. The precautionary principle is based on the 6 basic concepts of the Principle 15 in the 1993 Rio Declaration. Explain the precautionary principle and identify these 6 concepts.
Precautionary principle is the three spheres of sustainability economy, environment and society based on how they equalize one another. The six precautionary concepts are: Preventive Anticipation the will to take early action without waiting for proof. Safeguard the environmental recognition. Proportionality of response cost the degree of restriction. Duty of Care, Promoting of the cause of rights inherent natural. And Payment for past ecological debt.

5. Compare and contrast the cowboy
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