My Views On Architecture And Architecture

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Modern Architecture Architecture is the foundation for how we live and shows expression of how we think. It returns our moulding of the world in order to inhabit it and the geometry of what we build is far from neutral. I chose to explore and research Longford Cinema which is located in the Greater Manchester suburb of Stretford. This astonishing building lies on the junction of Chester Road and Edge Lane, opposite Streford Mall. Designed by the architect Henry Elder. Longford Cinema is an astonishing Art Deco, modernist architecture. In this writing I will look at the building in detail and the architect behind the building’s design. Furthermore I will express my views on modernist architecture. Henry Elder, of Roberts, Wood and Elder of Manchester, the architect behind the design of Longford Cinema. Built with a narrow red brick with faience tiled facade, with the roof concealed by tall brick wall, Art Deco style. The auditorium is set-back, with a long foyer passage leading to Chester Road entrance and a shorter link to the secondary entrance on Edge Lane, surrounded by contemporary buildings. Henry Elder designed the Chester entrance to resemble a cash register, which was intended to symbolise the business aspect of show business. This makes the building one of the most visually and interesting landmarks of the town of Stretford. With stepped convex surface curving upwards and backwards then attached but advance rib rising with less curvature designed to carry
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