My Views On Death And Death

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Speaking about death in any aspect is something that my family does not speak in conversation at all. We avoid this conversation because it is a sensitive subject that is not thought about as we focus more on living life instead. Living life, going through experiences, cherishing the moments and memories, are the things we focus on as a family; not wondering how death will come upon us. As much as we live life to the fullest potential, it is important to understand that death will happen one day and is practical with every human being in existence. My belief about death projects that it is a transformation to the kingdom of God and the beginning of a peaceful afterlife. Therefore, it is not a horrific thing to me, but my moral still exists…show more content…
I would always receive spankings from him, but could never process why those things were happening to me on a consistent basis. From what my sister told me, I was mischievous and hard headed which in our family meant disobedient. My grandfather’s interaction with me was not good at all, so with that being said, sadly I did not have any grief when he died. My mother and older sister were sad and grieving of the situation, but that was because their relationship had been opposite of mines and my sister understood death more than I did. She was aware of what was happening to our grandfather and took it extremely unpleasant. I also consider that those feelings regarding my grandfather’s death are not fully resolved with my mother. I have never heard her speak about him at all towards us or anyone else; that begins to make me think that she is avoiding the discomfort or is trying to forget her grief about him. Seeing my mother crying and in pain as a child had no effect on me, but now that I am older and more vested emotionally, it may hurt me to see her at that point again. It seems best to not ask or speak about my grandfather considering her feelings and avoiding how much I can handle emotionally with family. I am scared to ask because I do not want to feel any emotional pain in reaction to her emotional pain. It is just an image and sight that I do not want to see for the only mother I have. I only want to
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