My Views On Education 205

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Education 205 has taught me so much and opened my eyes on so many different opinions and views that others have. It also opened up my thoughts and views I have on the world. I not only learned so much about different bias’ and assumptions but changed my view on one. I had a few assumptions and biases. I didn’t think frisking was a good thing and didn’t know it was still going on in New York city. I also found out the real definition of frisking. Another assumption I had was that Muslim’s believed in a different God than Catholics. I thought they worshipped someone different and didn’t believe in any of the Catholic ways. Lastly I had a bias about gender. I was always taught that both men and women could be nurses due to my mom being a…show more content…
Most of the class had a bias that only women were nurses. I never realized I had this bias, but the more I thought about it I realized most people believe that women are nurses and men are doctors. Next I learned about frisking in New York city. I had heard of frisking, but never thought it was an actual practiced. I was extremely against it at first and then in class we found out the statistics of how it has improved the city. They have caught a great amount of people and criminals through this strategy. This changed my mind quit a bit but I still believe some of this is wrong and starts another bias about African American’s being the main suspects of criminal violence. Overall this class changed my mind that frisking is ok and that it has made the crime rates go down. Lastly I learned so much about the Muslim religion. I had assumption that the Muslim believed in a different God than the Catholics. After we had the guest speaker that was Muslim, I had learned that not only did the Muslim religion believe in the same God as the Catholics but believed in almost all the same things. There were only a few differences between the two religions. This speaker really opened my eyes. I am not a very religious person, because I never strongly believed in my religion (Catholicism). After this speaker I thought twice about my religion and what I believed in. This opened me up to a new religion I didn’t know much about and had assumptions about.
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